Every Home Needs a Microscope

Every Home Needs a Microscope

I woke up last morning and, to my surprise, had a sense of exactly what I needed to do. The next eight hours were dedicated to hunting down interesting microbes and filming them on a microscope to make a montage of clips set to classical music.

There's a lot to see in even just a drop of aquarium detritus. These worlds are weird and beautiful, which is maybe my favorite aesthetic combination.

Every household should have a microscope to see the tiny worlds around them.

Or better put, every home should have access to a microscope. I believe that the internet can accomplish that.

I have an idea for a remote controlled microscope that anyone can access on the internet and play with. The scope has a fresh slide of active microbes on its stage 24/7. People can log-in to a website and gain remote control of the microscope to explore the slide.

Aside from the internet connectivity, connecting some stepper motors to the controls of my microscope sounds like a lot of fun, and something I should do soon.