DotPoll was an iOS app I worked on that allowed users to vote on certain yes or no questions. I worked on it for one summer between by sophomore and junior years of high school. I learned Swift and was introduced to my first SDK, which taught me how to build software using the tools provided by a development platform.

The idea was inspired by an image I saw of a crowdsourced vote accomplished by contrasting sticky notes placed on a large wall by each passing voter. Each of the two colors represented a choice, which created a very cool way to capture the sentiment of a large group of voters with a single visually compelling image.

Check out some screenshots of the app in development. These should give you an idea of how it was supposed to work.

I also made the app because I believed that polling would become increasingly popular in social media. This ended up being true. Since 2015, many social media sites including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have added polling to their UX. These polling features were all implemented in the traditional way with buttons to vote and a barchart to display the results. This way of polling is easily and immediately understood by everyone, and allows for the flexibility of many more than just two options. Yet I think yes/no questions have a certain charm to them because of how satisfying they are to quickly answer.

For a unique polling app to take off, I think it would have to seamlessly integrate into existing social media platforms, or have more media and some other method, like an ML algorithm, to bubble up viral content.