Building an Automated Microgreens Garden

Building an Automated Microgreens Garden

I wanted to try building a small automated farm to see how well plants would grow indoors under artificial light – and for the fun of it. Construction began where I had designated a corner of my family's living room to build a 3x5x8 foot (LxWxH) vertical farm. My project began in 2015 but eventually expanded into a much larger hydroponic farm build I did with a group of friends funded by a grant from the BHS Innovation Fund.

Part 1: The Structure

I made a video on this that explains the process, check it out:

Part one of my microgreens project where I build the structure of the farm.

Part 2: DIY LED Lights

To provide light for the growing microgreens I needed to find a cost effective solution, so I went with LED strip lights. I made a video on building these lights:

In this video I made some inexpensive LED grow lights.

Part 3: A Bigger Hydroponic Farm

I slowly worked on my microgreens farm through the beginning of my junior year of high school, making the two videos above in the process. At this time I also got together with a few friends from school to chase an even bigger goal: a large, ultra advanced, fully automated, and self contained hydroponic farm that would be funded by a grant from our high school. We ended up getting a grant for $1,500 and started work on the project. I teased in the third and final part of my microgreens series:

This video teased what the microgreens farm morphed into.

I dropped the ball and never ended up publishing another video on the project. Throughout my senior year I worked on the grant funded farm with my friends, which I have another article about.