About Me

I'm Erik.

I like imagining future worlds and drawing blueprints in my head. Building those ideas into physical reality fires me up. Doing it with my people makes everything better.

My game of life has 4 levels:

I use these levels to break down the daunting but ultimate question of "What do I contribute to the world?", for the answer is the mission of the game.

Climbing the pyramid to contribute larger amounts of value mostly manifests in building businesses, so as a player of this game you might label me an entrepreneur. But that title has always felt too dignified, and impossible for me to spell anyways.

More accurately,  I'm a vivid daydreamer desperately trying to realize my visions which are, in the most selfish way, directed at serving the needs of others. Is there a word for that?

Just call me Erik.

The rest of this website should fill in the gaps.

I'm always trying to find my people. I live in Boston, MA. Please reach out if you're local!